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BDS Esports Rainbow Six Siege Player rxwd Unveils The Secret Behind Their Success



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Morgan Pacy, known as “rxwd,” is a 23-year-old French Rainbow Six Siege player who has been representing BDS Esport since May 2019. Before that, he was playing for Team Vitality.

During the recent interview with, rxwd revealed the secret behind their success. He said that there is nothing needed but hard-work for being successful. asked:

“Despite your recent success, your team has yet to achieve proper consistency internationally. How are you working to fill this gap?”

rxwd replied:

“There are no secrets: just work, work, and work.” asked:

“With your team being the only French-majority one in the Pro League now, do you feel that the French scene has somewhat shrunk compared to the past?”

rxwd  said:

“I don’t think the French scene has shrunk, there are still very good players in France, but they are now split across different EU teams.”

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