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Bethesda’s Todd Howard Said Elder Scrolls 6 Was Going to Have to Wait



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As you know, Bethesda has two games announced last year at E3 and anticipated by fans: Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6.

Unfortunately, we’ve got some bad news. Bethesda Game Studios executive producer Todd Howard said that at E3 2019, both games wouldn’t appear. He added Starfield fans should be patient and that Elder Scrolls fans should be more patient.

Howard said, in an interview with IGN:

“I think everyone should be very patient. The gap in between is going to be long, It already is. On one hand, I think it’s good to miss things. I think that makes people come to it with really, really fresh eyes, and I think when they eventually—eventually—see the game and what we have in mind, they’ll understand the gap more in terms of technology and what we want it to do.

He added:

“Anything we put it out on, it becomes a hit game. And they love it, they still play it, it’s almost infinitely playable, with all of the mods and everything like that,” Howard said. “So what that does—and we’re eight years post-Skyrim—it lets us know going into Elder Scrolls 6, this is a game we need to design that people will play for a decade at least. At least.

We’re creatives, and it’s like, we have to make this game, and this is the time, and so Elder Scrolls 6 is going to have to wait a little bit. And again, Elder Scrolls Online is doing so well, it’s so vibrant, that this is the time [for Starfield], both for us creatively, and our audience.”  

If you want to see IGN interview check video below: