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BIG Clan Announces CS:GO Roster Changes – Tow B Steps Down



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Tobias Herberhold, known as “tow b,” is a 36-year-old German CS:GO coach who had been working for BIG Clan since August 2019. Before that, he was coaching for teams like Sprout, Seed, and more.

Today, BIG Clan shared a new post on their official Twitter account and website and announced CS:GO roster changes, in which was saying that tow b is stepping down from the roster due to personal reasons.

While BIG was saying goodbye to tow b, they also announced that the assistant coach of the team, DuDe, will be taking over the role of the head coach and welcomed him warmly. Also, DuDe stated that he is very honored to be in this position and showed his gratitude to both organization and tow b.

Here is the official statement from BIG Clan:

Today tow b steps down from his role due to personal commitments, and we appoint DuDe as head coach. Thank you for everything you have done for us Tobias!”

DuDe said:

I’m very honored to take over the role as head coach. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to learn from other than tow b. I will give everything to continue where he left off and make him proud. We will keep showing what we are capable of in 2021 as a team!”

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