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BIG Clan Announces CS:GO Roster Changes



Photo Credit: The photo was taken from the social media of the people mentioned in the title. If the photo owner wants us to remove, we will do it immediately.

On May 2019, BIG Clan added Denis “denis” Howell to their roster with gobb, XANTARES, tabseN and tiziaN. After 3 months, BIG struggled so many times and couldn’t qualify any tournaments. On 2 Agust, BIG announced that denis and gobb is leaving the team and former BIG players nex and smooya returned.

smooya said:

“Oh yeah, I’m back in the active lineup for @BIGCLANgg! First I’d like to thank everyone who still and always have believed in me, second of all I’d like everyone behind the scenes at BIG. You know who you are, time to shoot some heads again boys”

smooya added:

“Oh hey again @nexcsgoo you little cutie, time to spam you with cuteness again”

You can check the tweets below.

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