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BIG Clan CS:GO Player Smooya Mocks With His Own Team



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20-year-old British CS:GO player Owen Butterfield known as “Smooya” has been representing BIG Clan for over one year. Before that, he was playing for Epsilon eSports. In his career, he only earned $76.000 from the tournaments that he played.

On 14 December, while BIG Clan’s failures continuing and loss streaks were counting, he mocked with his own team by sharing a meme.

Smooya said:

“BIG vs Full buy, BIG vs Eco”

He added:

“If I don’t joke, I cry. K thanks x”

A fan named FoxFace replied:

“The 2nd one is “Big vs Group Stage””

Another fan, named Marcelo Murray replied:

“Imagine one match between mibr X BIG with no full eco

You can check the tweets below.

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