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BIG Clan CS:GO Player tabseN Admits: “I Was A Really Bad IGL In The Beginning”



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Johannes Wodarz, known as “tabseN,” is a 25-year-old German CS:GO player who has been representing BIG Clan for over three years. Before that, he had played for NRG Esports, PENTA, Mousesports, and more.

In the recent interview with, tabseN revealed the first time he was being an in-game leader for the team and what did he do to improve himself.

During the conversation, tabseN stated that he started to in-game leading on BIG way before it was announced and admitted that he did a terrible job in the first place. Furthermore, tabseN said that he worked hard to improve himself as a player and reduce his weaknesses.

Here is what tabseN said:

“I got into the IGL role way before it was announced and, honestly, I did a terrible job at first. Of course, I knew that giving up was not a choice at all for me, so that’s why I focused on working and improving my weaknesses.”

tabseN about the hardest period of his career:

“After the disappointing Katowice Major and several lineup changes, including gob leaving the team, we were not able to get synergy between us. I didn’t question myself or my teammates, but it was of course not easy to deal with the situation at all.”

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