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BIG Clan CS:GO Player tabseN Considers Himself As A New In-Game Leader: “I Can Do Better”



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Johannes Wodarz, known as “tabseN,” is a 25-year-old German CS:GO player who has been playing for BIG Clan since January 2017. Previously, he had played for teams like NRG Esports, Mousesports, and more.

In last year, BIG Clan’s legendary in-game leader Fatih “Gob b” Dayik decided to retire from the game and tabseN took the in-game leader role for his team. Since then, he has been the captain of the German organization.

tabseN spoke in a recent interview with and talked about the recent results of the team as well as his self-confidence about being an in-game leader.

In the conversation, tabseN stated that he still feels like a new in-game leader and admitted that he surprised himself after getting great results with the team even though he knew his potential. Also, tabseN mentioned that he is pretty satisfied with how they are playing, but he believes that it could defined be better.

Interviewer asked:

“You’ve been in-game leading for quite some time, people still consider you a new in-game leader, but it’s been a while since gob b stepped down from that role. How do you feel as an in-game leader at the moment, especially in this weird era of playing only online?”

tabseN replied:

“I would still consider myself a new in-game leader because while gob b was still in the team and we decided to test me as the in-game leader, it wasn’t really a good test. When you are playing with your old in-game leader, he still has a lot of influence on the game.

Therefore, since we built this new lineup I would say I have definitely surprised myself — maybe not surprised, I knew I could do it because of my character as well, I have a strong voice definitely. I’m confident in myself. Overall I’m satisfied. But it can definitely be better.”

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