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BIG Clan’s tabseN: “XANTARES’ Biggest Wish Was To Make A Superteam”



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Johannes Wodarz, known as “tabseN,” is a 26-year-old German CS:GO player who has been representing BIG Clan for over four years. Previously, he had played for teams like NRG Esports, PENTA Esports, and more.

tabseN talked about the departure of İsmailсan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş and explained why he wanted to leave BIG Clan during a recent appearance on’s HLTV Confirmed.

In the conversation, tabseN pointed out that there is no bad blood between XANTARES and the rest of the team and mentioned the communication problems that XANTARES had been going through.

As tabseN said, XANTARES couldn’t express his feelings and thoughts properly in-game or outside of the game and said that he barely would speak with the team members besides the Turkish people who work for the organization.

Even though XANTARES tried out German for a while, it didn’t work for them. For years of not speaking fluently, XANTARES wanted to be comfortable inside and outside of the game, as tabseN said.

Furthermore, tabseN stated that XANTARES’ biggest wish was to go Turkey and create a Turkish superteam where he would be comfortable with and revealed that this is the biggest reason for his departure.

tabsen on XANTARES’ departure:

“It is not about the communication at this point, it is more about how he sees himself in the future, what he wants to do, what he loves to do. Obviously, it is playing CS, but if he doesn’t feel comfortable…

With the communication barrier, we were not able to talk properly together, which is also a huge thing. I can understand how he felt.

From my side, I wish he had learned German so I could talk more intensely to him about anything, inside or outside of the game, hang out with each other.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. I really appreciate him trying to do it, it is not easy, it is a really really hard language, you have so many hard words to learn, and even for me as a born German, my German is really bad.”

He continued:

I love XANTARES man, he is a really nice guy and I would’ve loved to make it work. But his biggest wish was to feel more comfortable, that he can speak more fluently.

We have people in the organization that speak Turkish, when he is around them he speaks a lot, but in our team, he cannot talk so much, he cannot really say what he feels and express himself properly.

I also feel bad for him. His biggest wish was to go to Turkey, to make a superteam he feels the most comfortable with, and we would never throw stones at him basically.

I wish him the best of luck, we are still good friends and hopefully, one day maybe we’ll still play in the same team. Never say never.”

You can listen to the full interview below.

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