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BIG Clan’s XANTARES Will Go Under Surgery For His Sweaty Hands



İsmailсan Dörtkardeş, known as “XANTARES,” is a 25-year-old Turkish CS:GO player who has been playing under BIG Clan jersey for over two years. Previously, he was playing for Space Soldiers.

XANTARES is known for his crisp aim and insane spray control, but he has been struggling to play due to his sweaty hands. Most of the CS:GO fans should be noticed that he has been using a towel to clean his hand as well as his mouse.

In the last two years, XANTARES had also got botox on his hand two times. Even though it solved the problem in the first place, the sweat returned in the end and made him uncomfortable playing the game.

Furthermore, XANTARES also revealed that the botox process was painful to do so. Because of that, he decided to go under surgery and announced it on his official Twitter account.

Today, XANTARES will undergo surgery to fix the sweaty hands problem and expect to perform better than ever when he gets comfortable after the surgery. But, he didn’t announce when he will available to play the game.

BIG recently eliminated from IEM Cologne 2021, which is the first LAN event we see in the one and a half years, and they entered the player break early. Probably, this is why he decided to go under surgery in this period just to not miss any official matches or practice.

XANTARES announced:

“Tomorrow I will go operation for my hand sweating let’s see.”

You can check out the post below.

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