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BIG’s CS:GO Player “gob b” Guesses That They Won’t Reach Top 3



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Veteran in-game leader Fatih “gob b” Dayik has been into Counter Strike since 2006 and started his Counter Strike: Global Offensive career in 2012. On 24 May, Betway Esports announced that BIG Clan players will answer the community’s questions. And also I decided to ask “gob b” a question that goes on my mind. After BIG transferred Ismail “XANTARES” Candortkardesler, we all wanted the see German CS  on top level. But they benched “smooya“, and also a few months later, they benched “nex” and added “Denis“. I thought that for these reasons, they couldn’t show us a good play.

I asked to gob b:

“I think you changed your roster too much in small time period. Including visa issues and stand ins, gonna effect your game plan and tactics. Every time you change roster, you should adapt/quit tac.If your squad continues consistently, do you think BIG gonna reach top3? @gobelante

gob b replied:

“Top 3 is not even on my mind right now because we have to improve on so many levels. – gobb”

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