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Bithell Games is Working on a turn-based John Wick Game



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The turn-based John Wick game is being developed by Bithell Games.

Thomas Was Alone‘s producer ‘Bithell Games (Mike Bithell)’ is working on a new game called ‘John Wick Hex’.

When you heard a new John Wick game, you can expect an action game. But as you can see from the announcement trailer, John Wick Hex will be a “turn-based strategy” game.

Publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment said in the announcement:

“Players must choose every action and attack they make while considering their immediate cost and consequences, every move in John Wick Hex feels like a scene from the movies, and every fight contributes to your progress on the job and requires precise strategic thinking.” 

John Wick Wix, released by Epic Store for PC gamers. You can watch John Wick Hex announcement trailer from below: