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Bjergsen Rejects Team SoloMid To Join Another Organization



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Søren Bjerg, known as “Bjergsen,” is a 25-year-old Danish League Of Legends player who has been representing Team SoloMid since 2013. Back in late 2020, he announced his transition to coaching in TSM.

After spending two splits with Team SoloMid as a coach, Bjergsen announced that he will return competing on the rift and thrilled the community with his announcement. However, he didn’t reveal which team he will be playing for.

Yesterday, Team SoloMid revealed on their official Twitter account that they actually made an offer to Bjergsen about how the team would look like in the next season, and he recently revealed his response.

As they announced, Bjergsen rejected Team SoloMid’s offer to join another organization, which means that whatever team he will be joining, there will be no buyouts for the veteran mid laner.

“We were notified today that Bjergsen is choosing to decline our offer and pursuing a project with a different team,” General manager of TSM, Parth Naidu, said. “While we are incredibly disappointed, we wish him best of luck.”

However, there’s no information about which team Bjergsen will be joining beside the rumors. Neither Team SoloMid nor Bjergsen announced his new team and which region he will be playing.

Bjergsen farewelled Team SoloMid:

“Moving on after 8 years at TSM. This is the place I grew up and I’ll be forever grateful for them taking a chance on me as a young player in 2013. Love you all and excited to show you what is next for me.”

You can check out the posts below.

Among the rumors, there are two eye-catching reports about Bjergsen’s future. One of them is joining LPL under Ninjas In Pyjamas jersey along with Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, and the other one is joining Team Liquid as Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen moves to the ADC role.

Following the departure of Bjergsen from Team SoloMid, the whole community wished him luck for his future while his former teammates farewell to him. Also, his tweet reached out around 2K retweets in less than a day.

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