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Blast Pro Series Announces New Music Partner: Asking Alexandria



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Asking Alexandria is a Rock/Metal Music band from England founded in 2003. And Blast Pro Series made their first music partner with this young band. Asking Alexandria gonna be play at Los Angles on 5-6 May.

Lead Guitarist and founder of AA Ben Bruce said:

“I think esports is an exciting platform. If you look at these esports events, there is a huge production and even just the energy from the spectators – it’s like an NFL game. And that’s where rock ‘n’ roll is most at home, in a live atmosphere where people are already energized. The marriage of the two is going to be quite magical.”

Ben Bruce about official Blast Pro Series track:

“When we wrote that song, we wrote it specifically with arena crowds in mind. The whole song itself is about that feeling and about that moment when those lights come on and the show starts. It only exists there and then. That’s the kind of energy that these esports events are capturing and creating now.”

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