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Broxah Takes A Break From League Of Legends Until 2022



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Mads Brock-Pedersen, known as “Broxah,” is a 23-year-old Danish League Of Legends player who had played for top-tier teams like Fnatic and Team Liquid. In November 2020, he joined Counter Logic Gaming.

Most people criticized Broxah for joining Counter Logic Gaming because they thought that it was a downgrade for the talented jungler. However, Broxah believed that the team has the potential to qualify for the playoffs and they could put out a great show.

Sadly for Broxah, things didn’t start well in LCS Spring 2021 for Counter Logic Gaming, and it didn’t go well even in the Summer split. As they lost lots of matches every week, Broxah showed his frustration on social media.

As the 2021 season is over for Broxah and his colleagues, the Danish jungler took his official Twitter account to make a new statement about his career and revealed that he will take a break from the game.

While Broxah was saying that he didn’t actually have the opportunity to rest and relax properly, he also pointed out that this would be the perfect time to take a break from League Of Legends.

Furthermore, Broxah mentioned that he hopes to return in the next split once again. In the mean time, he is going to spent more time with his family, friends, and girlfriend and enjoy his vacation.

Here is the announcement from Broxah:

“Every athlete has ups and downs throughout their career, and there is no doubt that this is my lowest point. Despite that, I believe the only way for me to move forward is to try to accept the situation and use it as an opportunity to grow.

This year did not turn out the way I had hoped. When I joined CLG, I legitimately believed that we had the pieces needed to show up in the LCS. And while I think we did have a talented roster of players, we never really found our footing and were standing still while the teams around us continued to improve.

Eventually, after seeing failure after failure, everything fell apart and we reached a point of no return, unable to climb up from the bottom of the standings. It hasn’t all been negatives though.

I still have shared many happy moments with this team, and there are plenty of kind souls in CLG working behind the scenes who have helped make my time in LA enjoyable.”

He continued:

“During my five years as a professional League of Legends player, I never had an opportunity to rest up and relax properly. And I guess you could say that I’m planning on making the most out of a bad situation, as I will be spending some time away with my girlfriend, family and friends.

Once I come back, I will look forward to finding out what my next steps are going to be. I love this game and still believe I have what it takes to be a top player again. And I hope to return next split to show that.”

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