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cadiaN Shares His Honest Opinion About Their Power



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Casper Møller, known as “cadiaN,” is a 26-year-old Danish CS:GO player who has been playing for Heroic since October 2019. For about a month, he also played for FunPlux Phoenix in 2020.

While Heroic and cadiaN have been competing at PGL Major Stockholm 2021, the experienced in-game leader spoke in a recent interview with and talked about their current performance.

Heroic managed to perform so well this year as they placed as the best fifth team in the world. However, some of the community believes that their performance relies on the online tournament and that’s why they have been playing well.

In the conversation, cadiaN pointed out that they are neither onliners nor a perfect team right now and said that being the fifth-best team in the world might be a little too high for them.

Moreover, the leader of Heroic touched upon the fact that they are definitely a top-10 team and said that they want to prove their worth in the tournament with their performances. Also, cadiaN mentioned that they improved much since IEM Fall 2021.

cadiaN on their current ranking and performance:

“We’re somewhere in between. I think our current placing as number five on the HLTV ranking is maybe a little too high, in my opinion.

I mean, it’s rankings, and oftentimes you also feel like it should be higher. So I guess in the end it kind of evens out. But I see us as a top 10 team.

I want us to prove some of the same things on LAN. Looking at not just the results, but also the process, I can see a big development from IEM Fall to this one, still.

I think we played way better in many of the games. In some of the early rounds, we struggled a lot with giving opening kills and just things just falling apart.

Here we’ve been playing way better and if things have been falling apart, it’s been in the late round. So I think we developed a lot and for me, that’s the most important thing, because I know we can play world-class Counter-Strike.”

Later in the conversation, cadiaN also talked about the addition of Xizt as a coach and explained what changed since his addition. As cadiaN said, they have been making new tactics together and he makes him feel less pressure right now.

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