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Canadian Returns Spacestation Gaming As A Stand-In For Six Invitational



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Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski is a 24-year-old Canadian former Rainbow Six Siege player who retired last month due to mental problems and left Spacestation Gaming after playing for over a year.

Following the departure of Canadian, Spacestation Gaming decided to add Luke “Luke” Slota as a stand-in. However, the organization announced that Luke won’t be attending Six Invitational due to visa problems.

Because of that, they asked Canadian to step in for the organization one more time. As Canadian announced his return for the Six Invitational, he also reminded that he won’t return the competitive scene afterward and will continue take care of himself.

Here is the official announcement from Canadian:

“The timing of me deciding to step down from competing was already extremely unfortunate for the guys on SSG and with the mental state I was in it most likely would have done more harm than good for me to continue playing until the next transfer window.

Luke’s passport issues on top of that however were potentially ruining an event like SI for the guys and that just didn’t feel right. I thankfully have had enough of a break to where I feel I can put my all into these next few weeks for SI and hopefully making a run we’ll all be proud of.

As of right now however I still don’t see myself being able to return to the game full time after SI and don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up in that sense. I will continue to take care of myself, keep an open mind, and see where passion takes me. For now.”

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