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Chaos Esports Player Steel Explains How They Became A Successful Team



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Joshua Nissan, known as “Steel,” is a 30-year-old Canadian CS:GO player who had played for teams like iBUYPOWER, Ghost Gaming, Torqued, and more. Since November 2019, he has been playing for Chaos Esports Club.

Steel spoke in a recent interview with and revealed his opinion about how they managed to be successful in a short period with the Chaos roster.

Right now, Chaos Esports Club is one of the best 30 teams in the world, and they even qualified for the semi-finals of ESL One: Cologne with finishing in the first place in their group over Furia Esports, Gen.G Esports, and 100 Thieves.

In the conversation, steel mentioned his teammates are one of the strongest mechanically players he ever played with. He stated that their game knowledge and perspective is above average while touching upon the fact that nobody is afraid of talking about the mistakes and wrongs, and that’s why they improved so much in a short time.

Interviewer asked:

“With this group of players, did you expect to be able to post this kind of results so quickly? Why do you think your trajectory has shot up like this?”

Steel replied:

“I think the players that are on this team are mechanically really strong, probably some of the strongest that I’ve ever played with. But beyond that, everyone has a perspective and an opinion and they’re not afraid to speak their mind if they don’t agree with something.

If something goes wrong, if someone does something not good in the game, they’re not afraid to call each other out, open a discussion, share their opinion, share their perspective, push back on something. They’re not just sitting there, nodding their head to everything I say. They’re individuals and they have their own individuality, and I think that’s super important.

They’re also relatively mature, especially for being younger players, and are able to have these discussions and talk about things that a team needs to talk about to get us to the next step. Those are the qualities, the maturity and the mechanical ability, or prowess, I think those two in tandem are the reasons why we’re able to do so well.”

Interviewer asked:

“Talking a bit more about their maturity, when I did that¬†feature on Xeppaa and leaf, leaf talked a bit about how he is recovering from all the cheating allegations. What is your perspective on the way that Xeppaa and leaf have been playing since that whole incident, and how they’ve dealt with the criticism?”

Steel said:

“Yeah, initially after the first week or two, I think that they were able to rebound from everything.

Obviously, like daily, for every match we play if you check the comment thread to any of our tweets about a match that’s coming up, or results of a match, or Chaos’ tweets about a match, you might have to click the ‘show more’ but you can just scroll through and you’ll find people still messaging about us, about being cheaters, about this, about that. Instagram messages, emails, direct messages on Twitter to the other guys. I have mine blocked off so I never received them.

It’s just crazy, and you need to learn how to just shrug it off, and I think they’ve started to do so. Initially, when it first started happening and it’s really new and you’re getting bombarded, you don’t really know how to deal with it. But after a certain point of time, you see these people, you see how kind of delusional they are.

Even in my stream last night, I was streaming and some guy just comes in and he’s just spamming stuff in my chat for like 10 minutes, and I didn’t ban him because I thought it was hilarious. This guy has nothing better to do in his life than to go out of his way to start trying to talk shit to people because he thinks someone is cheating at a video game because they beat his favorite team. It’s sad.”

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