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CLG Player NiceWigg Reveals The Best Part Of Apex Legends Community



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Jack “NiceWigg” Martin is an American Apex Legends player who has been playing for Counter Logic Gaming since May 2019. On 13 July, he said that Apex Legends player do not hate each other and give themselves love and support all the time.

NiceWigg said:

“It’s so incredible that in this community no pros beef or hate with eachother. If I kill another pro or die to them, they always come to the chat and show love and support. If I ever need people to play with other pros are more than happy to join. Makes playing all worth it.”

NiceWigg added:

“And if anyone ever needs help finding a squad swing by my channel and we can help you find people with similar division rank etc. Would love for more people to have teams of 3 to play with!!”

You can read his tweets below.

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