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Closer Is The Player To Watch In 100 Theives, Reapered Explains



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Bok Han-gyu, known as “Reapered,” is a 29-year-old South Korean League Of Legends coach who has been working for 100 Thieves since April 2021. Before that, he was working for Cloud9 and Edward Gaming.

Reapered spoke in a recent interview with Korizon Esports’ Ashley Kang and revealed the player that people should watch in League Of Legends World Championship.

In the conversation, Reapered named Can “Closer” Çelik as the guy who people should keep an eye on throughout the tournament and said that his playstyle is very enjoyable from the fans’ point of view.

As Reapered said, Closer has an aggressive playstyle in the jungle, and he always attempts plays to dominate the enemy jungler. Therefore, there will be always action around the Turkish jungler.

Furthermore, the Korean coach praised the talent of Closer by saying that he has both great mechanics and game sense at the same time and stated that this is why people should watch Closer in Worlds.

Reapered reveals the player who people should keep an eye on:

“If there is an international fan out there, who has never watched a 100 Thieves match. And you could tell them exactly one player or focal point to watch out for in 100 Thieves.

If the said fan was watching 100 Thieves from a blank sheet. And I had to draw their attention to a single player. It has to be Closer.

Closer plays his jungle very aggressively, he often attempts plays that aim to dominate the opponent jungle. He’s got the brain, yet he lands his blows hard.

From the perspective of an audience — Closer is often leading the plays, he has a lot to show off. You’ll enjoy watching 100 Thieves if you decide to focus on Closer.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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