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Cloud9 Adds Xeppaaa For The Replacement Of Woxic



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Erick Bach, known as “Xeppaa,” is a 20-year-old American CS:GO player who had lastly played for Chaos Esports Club between May 2020 and January 2021. In his career, he earned over $40.000 from the events.

In September 2019, Woxic joined Cloud9’s colossus roster and had been trying to grind for the top. However, Cloud9 parted ways with Turkish AWPer about a week ago due to the problems such as ping and time-zone differences.

Since then, Cloud9 had been looking for a replacement for Woxic and finally, they announced their fifth player, Xeppaaa, via their official Twitter account.

While Cloud9 was welcoming Xeppaaa with such a great fragmovie, Xeppaaa also showed how excited he is to join the colossus. Also, he admitted that he thought he had to play Valorant before this agreement.

Here is the official announcement from Cloud9:

“It’s time to stir up some Chaos…

Please join us in welcoming Xeppaaa to the C9 CSGO Colossus!”

Xeppaaa said:

“Cloud9 colossus… Thought I had to play Valorant but I guess this is better. 🤠”

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