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Cloud9 Apex Legends Player PVPX Shares His Thoughts About The Ranked Mode



26-year-old American Apex Legends player Jamison Moore, known as “PVPX,” has been representing Cloud9 for over a year. In this one year with the team, he earned over $14.000 from the tournaments.

A few days ago, on his official Twitter account, he shared his opinion about the game’s ranked mode.

Here is what PVPX said:

“Apex Ranked is so much more fun when you take it seriously aka not W key everything you hear Fighting at the beginning for kill points then playing end game for the win makes the grind so much more enjoyable Thanks for watching the stream today <3 live again tomorrow morning”

He added:

“Those ranked games where 10 teams are alive in end game are so much fun.. it’s not scrims but it can get close to it”

A fan user named Pyromaniac replied:

“Wish so many more players shared this mentality. Not only for my teammates skill, but for the amount of third parties god damn. I think it can reasonably be called sixth party by now lol”

You can read his tweet below.

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