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Cloud9 Blue Announces Fifth Valorant Member – Xeta Joins



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Son Seon-ho, known as “xeta,” is a 23-year-old South Korean former CS:GO player who lastly played for TYLOO. In October 2020, he joined Cloud9 Korea as a Valorant player.

After the youngster Tyson “TenZ” Ngo decided to take a break from competitive Valorant, Cloud9 Blue was looking for a replacement for his absence. Yesterday, they made a new announcement via Twitter.

In the post, they announced the signing of xeta for their Cloud9 Blue roster, and xeta stated that it feels surreal for him to represent such an organization as Cloud9 and showed how excited he is to play.

Here is the official statement from Cloud9:

“Welcome back to Cloud9 as the 5th member of Cloud9 Blue, xeta.”

Here is what xeta said:

“Feels surreal, I have never thought I would be representing an organization like Cloud9. It feels already comfy and having amazing practice with the boys , see you in the server :)”

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