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Cloud9 Confirm Cajunb Singing to CS:GO Roster



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At the end of the March, North announced that cajunb was removed from the line up. On 2 April 2019, Cloud9 revealed their new member: René “cajunb” Borg who is known from Team SoloMid, Astralis, Team Dignitas

29 year old Danish player said:

“When you join an organization like Cloud9 there will always be a lot of pressure and expectations. I will do my best together with my teammates to make sure we succeed and make the fans proud.”

cajunb continued:

“I’m looking forward to represent @Cloud9 in the future! I know that there will be a lot of pressure and expectations. Looking forward to show all the doubters what the new c9 is capable of”

Cloud9’s CS:GO General Manager Jonathan Tran said:

“I’m excited for a veteran like cajunb to begin playing with Cloud9. I believe he can teach our young players a lot from his years of experience in Counter-Strike. Welcome to the C9”

Also CEO and owner of Cloud9, Jack Etienne said:

“It’s rare to see such an extensive esports career as cajunb has, so we’re really pleased about getting a chance to work with him. Welcome to Cloud9, cajunb”

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