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Cloud9 CS:GO Player Sonic Unveils His Thoughts About How To Fix NA FPL



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Aran Groesbeek, known as “Sonic,” is a 21 year old South African/American CS:GO player who has been playing under Cloud9 jersey for over seven months. Previously, he was playing for ATK and Team Envy.

Sonic shared a new post on his official Twitter account and revealed his opinion about the current state of North American FPL and how to fix it.

In the TwitLonger post, Sonic stated that lots of the players who qualified for FPL are lacking the knowledge about how the game works in order to compete at a high level. Also, he suggested that they can create a new group in between FPL and FPL-C, and they can make training camps like in traditional sports to improve the players’ quality in this group.

Furthermore, Sonic mentioned that he didn’t want to mean or disrespectful to the players who play in FPL by saying that he just wants the league to be better. In this way, he proved that he cares about the Counter-Strike scene and the players.

Here is what Sonic said:

“For the time that I played FPL and from the streams that I watch can see the glaring issues coming through FPL. I strongly feel high tier players will continue to leave the circuit and not return if the level of play does not change.

Players that are moved up into FPL (not all but a majority) lack the required skills/tools or even basic understanding of the game in order to compete at the level that is required (pro/semi pro). If this issue is not tackled by the means of a fully structured plan instead of “shortcuts”(changing the money or just moving up a large number of players) it will not be resolved and NA FPL’s state will continue to decay.”

He continued:

“My suggestion would be to create a course/training camp like in many other pro/semi-pro sports, that would extend over a set period of time which will cover all basis of CS. My hopes are that this course can improve the quality and understanding of the game of the players being promoted. I come from a background of sports and I know these training camps work and often you get scouted at the end of these camps.

FPL could work in a similar fashion where say the top 10 from FP-C are invited to this course and few are selected based on their performance and how much they learnt and applied throughout. FPL is the premium standard for a professional hub. It is their duty to make sure the level of play in these hubs is that of the highest it can be and personally it looks like fpl IS a training camp. There needs to be a middle ground between FPL-C and FPL where these players can be equipped with the right training in order to be able to compete. I honestly don’t mean to be disrespectful to some of the players in the league I just want it to be better.”

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