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Cloud9 CS:GO Player TenZ Quits Counter-Strike To Become Professional In Valorant!



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One of the youngest talents in North America, Tyson Ngo, known as “TenZ,” is an 18-year-old Canadian CS:GO player who has been playing under Cloud9 jersey for over seven months. In February 2020, he was loaned to the ATK.

Cloud9 and TenZ have made a new announcement with a special video and revealed that TenZ quit the CS:GO to play competitively in Riot Games’ newest FPS game, Valorant. Also, TenZ stated that he is so excited about his new adventure.

Here is what TenZ said:

“Super excited for the next steps in my career and what the future holds!”

A fan named Chris added this comment:

“Cant wait to see you pop off in Valorant dude!”

Another fan named Mike replied:

“Damn, one of my favorite Counter-Strike pros, best of luck in Valorant tho.”

You can check the tweets and watch the video below.

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