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Cloud9 CS:GO Squad Changes: flusha Goes Inactive – Golden is the New Fifth



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25 years old Finnish player Robin “flusha” Rönnquist, made a statement yesterday. His reason to leave Cloud9 was he has been feeling uninspired and exhausted to play CS:GO.

flusha said:

“I have been feeling uninspired and exhausted playing competetive CSGO for a while now and i have decided to take an extended break from this for a while, until i feel ready to come back again.”

“Cloud9 treated me excellently over the ~6 month period i was on the team and we had some really fun times even though we experienced alot of problems during this time, nothing that we could have stopped or foreseen, i wouldnt do anything differently though. Got to know some really good friends like Autimatic, Rush, Valens and Kio through these times! “

“Im hopefully going to be streaming a bit in the near future and i will keep being active within the community, but for now im just having a rest”

And many pro’s reacted his decision.

Cloud9 player automatic said:

“I’m so grateful for what you’ve taught me and all your answers to my many questions. See you soon brother”

One tap legend ScreaM:

“Enjoy the break, and comeback soon legend”

Analyst Thorin said:

“Rest up and come back playing at the level you showed during this major.”

25 years old Maikil “Golden” Selim announced his return on Twitter. He was inactive because of his health issues.

Golden said:

“It all started a few weeks prior to Blast Copenhagen when I began experiencing chest pain and couldn’t relax or sleep properly. At Blast Copenhagen I had to go to the emergency room a few hours before the first matches because of the chest pain and difficulty breathing. My heart was beating pretty fast. Since my first visit to the hospital in Copenhagen, the doctors have been through several diagnosis, finally settling on myocarditis. Having spent ample time seeing physicians, I took it upon myself to stay home in Sweden and fully recover. “

“I believe one of the biggest reasons why I had to go to the hospital was that I did not take care of my health. I was stressed out about the team, eating junk food all the time, sleeping improperly, and wasn’t exercising as much as I should have been. I was sacrificing everything in the name of becoming better. Over this break, I’ve come to the realization that in order to become one of the best I need to not only spend time on the game, but also my own health. I have stopped drinking soda, began eating more healthy, limited my sugar intake, and quit snus about 4 months ago. “

“It feels amazing to be healthy and be able to grind CSGO to get back to my old form. And to all the gamers out there,take of your body, you only got one.”

Many players wished luck to Golden such as Cajunb, Friberg, Pronax and more.

North player Cajunb replied:

“I wish you the best of luck mate! Awesome to see that you are back!”


“goodluck mike”

CEO of Cloud9 Jack Etienne said:

“Flusha is a one-of-a-kind player and it’s been an incredible opportunity working with him, he’s done so much for the sport. We’re also thrilled to get Golden back, I don’t think anyone is more excited than Golden himself, so we’re looking forward to putting on a strong showing the next time out”

Click here to read Golden’s statement and click here to read flusha’s. And you can read the full statement of Cloud9 from here. Also You can check the tweets below.

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