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Cloud9 Dota 2 Player MISERY Reveals What He Wants For Next Patch



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Rasmus Berth Filipsen, known as “MISERY,” is a 28-year-old Danish Dota 2 player who had played for teams like Chaos Esports Club, Optic Gaming, Evil Geniuses and many more. Since January 2020, he has been playing for Cloud9.

During the recent interview with AFK Gaming, MISERY revealed his wishes for the upcoming patch. He stated that the removal of the shrines would be really good for the game.

AFK Gaming asked:

“Do you have a wishlist for the next patch?”

MISERY replied:

“It feels as if the removal of shrines and the addition of outposts is a bit random and doesn’t make too much sense yet. I hope they keep on working on that aspect of the game.”

AFK Gaming asked:

“Finally, what do you do when you are not playing Dota 2?”

MISERY said:

“Right now, I just bought a new apartment in Copenhagen that needs some renovating, so I am primarily spending time there. Other than that, I go to the gym and when I get a bit more time I would like to get into Poker.”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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