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Cloud9 League Of Legends Player Licorice Admits That He Was So Bad Recently



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22-year-old Canadian League Of Legends player Eric Ritchie, known as “Licorice,” has been playing for Cloud9 since November 2017. Before that, he was playing for eUnited.

Yesterday, on his official Twitter account, Licorice has admitted that he had played really bad during this weekend and seemed so grateful to his teammates for carrying him.

Here is what Licorice said:

“Individually this was my worst weekend of the split and we still got the 2-0, it definitely doesn’t always work that way. My team is really amazing. See you guys next weekend 😊”

A fan named Krissy replied.

“Just needed to give potw to vulcan this week so you can get it next week 😜 all according to plan”

Another fan named Linda replied:

“Nah, we know you’re doing it to get Vulcan his mini statue. What a selfless teammate”

You can read his tweet below.

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