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Cloud9 League Of Legends Player Licorice Unveils The Top-Laners That He Has Been Studying



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Eric Ritchie, known as “Licorice,” is a 22-year-old Canadian League Of Legends player who has been representing Cloud9 for over two years. In his career, he earned around $150.000 from the tournaments.

Licorice spoke in the interview with Hotspawn and revealed the top lane players that he has been watching lately.

In the conversation, Licorice stated that he loves to watch Invictus Gaming player Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok and DAMWON Gaming player Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon. He said that they always manage to get CS leads even though they are not supposed to do and it is interesting to watch and learn.

Interviewer asked:

” I assume you guys are trying to take things a step at a time, but obviously Cloud9’s goal is to get to Worlds. You said to [James “Dash” Patterson] in an interview that you wanted to become a team that can beat anybody, so have you been studying any players from different regions these days?”

Licorice replied:

“I always try to keep up to date as much as possible on the other regions. Right now, I’d say that the top laners I’m most interested in–and I wouldn’t say that they’re necessarily the best, but I can learn the most from them.

It would be Kang ‘TheShy’ Seung-lok and Jang ‘Nuguri’ Ha-gwon. I think they’re just insanely aggressive players and always manage to get CS leads in lanes where you technically are not supposed to. So I’m very interested in watching those two play and I think it’d be really fun to play against them internationally.”

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