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Cloud9 League Of Legends Player PerkZ: “I Know We Are Going To Do Well”



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Luka Perković, known as “PerkZ,” is a 22-year-old Croatian League Of Legends player who had been playing for G2 Esports since June 2015. In November 2020, he decided to join North American organization Cloud9.

Four days ago, Cloud9 played their first match in LCS against Evil Geniuses, the community was kind of disappointed following the result. Even though PerkZ got the first blood, his colleagues were too far behind.

After the matchup, PerkZ spoke in a recent interview with Dexerto and talked about the summary of their debut match and what he thinks about the criticism they got from the community.

In the conversation, PerkZ stated that he doesn’t really care about what analysts or players say because it feels irrelevant to him. Additionally, PerkZ mentioned that they are going to do well as a team and showed that their expectations are pretty high for this season.

Here is what PerkZ said:

“I don’t actually mind what other people say. I’m not here to prove anybody else right or wrong. I’m just here for my own personal growth. Doing the best I can in a new adventure.

I don’t really care what the analysts or pro players say because it’s irrelevant to me. I know we’re going to do well as a team. That’s it.”

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