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Cloud9 Part Ways With CS:GO Manager HenryG



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Henry Greer, known as “HenryG,” is a 32-year-old British talent who has been casting the top tier tournaments for over five years. Back in September 2020, he joined Cloud9 as a general manager.

After HenryG joined Cloud9, they started to build a new team called Colossus. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well as expected and the team couldn’t perform in any tournaments.

About a month ago, Cloud9 announced that they decided to leave the CS:GO scene until the coronavirus outbreak ends, and after a short period, they decided to part ways with their general manager HenryG.

Here is the official announcement from HenryG:

“Today’s the day that Cloud9 and myself will be parting ways.

Thanks to Jack Etienne for the opportunity and the players for their hard work and time.

It’s truly a shame how things panned out with a lot of mitigating circumstances but plenty of positive memories, too.”

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