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Cloud9 Valorant Player TenZ Quits Competitive Scene And Moves On Content Creation



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Tyson Ngo, known as “TenZ,” is a 19-year-old Canadian former CS:GO player who was playing for Cloud9 since July 2019. In April 2020, he switched to play Valorant under Cloud9 jersey.

Cloud9 and TenZ made a huge statement on their official Twitter account yesterday and shocked the community by announcing that TenZ will be quitting the competitive Valorant scene.

While Cloud9 was stating that TenZ will pursue content creation from now, TenZ hoped that everybody could support him in this decision. Additionally, TenZ mentioned that he will come back to the competition when the time is right for him.

Here is the official announcement from Cloud9:

“The original member of C9 Blue, TenZ, has elected to step down from the team and competitive Valorant to pursue content creation

Thank you for all you’ve contributed to Cloud9 competitively – time to watch you shine in content!”

TenZ said:

“Hope everyone can support me in this decision. During this time while I am off the team, I will be dedicating it towards my personal stream/YouTube to produce some more content.

I’ll come back to competitive play when I see the time is right. Until next time everyone!”

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