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Cloud9’s Fudge Reflects On His Performance At Worlds 2021



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Ibrahim Allami, known as “Fudge,” is a 19-year-old American League Of Legends player who has been playing for Cloud9 since January 2020 as a academy player. In October, he was promoted to the main roster.

Against all odds, Cloud9 managed to make it out to the group stage and qualified for the playoffs at the League Of Legends World Championship. Unfortunately for them, they got eliminated against Gen.G Esports in the quarterfinals.

Following the match, Cloud9 players spoke in a post-match press conference and answered the questions from the journalists. One of the questions was about their performances, which Fudge answered.

Fudge pointed out that he live up with the expectations in Worlds 2021 because, in terms of general expectations, everybody thought they would be eliminated in the group stage even before they start playing.

As for his individual performance, Fudge believes that he did a great job against most of the top laners. However, Fudge mentioned that he didn’t play really well in terms of his standards, especially for the Gen.G Esports series.

Fudge shared his opinion about his performance at Worlds in the interview:

I think I played up to expectations in general. In terms of the general expectations of the public, we were expected to lose in groups. In regards to my individual performance, I think I did fine against most of the top laners I faced.

For my own standards, however, I don’t think I played very well, especially in this series. I think I played pretty poorly against Gen.G and I made a lot of errors. I got caught and died a lot in the mid game this series, so I definitely could have played a lot better.”

Later in the conversation, Perkz also talked about his experience in Cloud9 and explained how the season went for him, as well as Vulcan revealing the biggest takeaway he had in this tournament.

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