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Cloud9’s TenZ Explains Why He Switched From CS:GO To Valorant: “Valve Wasn’t Listening To The Community”



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Tyson Ngo, known as “TenZ,” is a 19-year-old Canadian former CS:GO player who had played for Cloud9. Since April 2020, he has been playing Valorant for Cloud9 and recently won VCT Masters with Sentinels.

Recently, TenZ spoke in an interview with Inven Global and talked about his first experience with Sentinels as well as revealing why he decided to switch to Valorant.

In the conversation, TenZ stated that Valve wasn’t listening to the community and the professional players at all and said that he didn’t see the CS:GO scene sustainable especially with the online era and this is why he decided to play Valorant.

Here is what TenZ said:

“For me, I saw that Valve wasn’t listening to the community. They don’t listen to pros. It’s kind of like a brick wall. I definitely didn’t see the scene — especially with everything going online — as something that was sustainable.

When Valorant first came out, everyone was starting off at the same level and I just started grinding at the start.”

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