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Cloud9’s Vulcan Shares His Opinion About The Current Dignitas Roster: “Soligo And Dardoch Were Better”



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Philippe Laflamme, known as “Vulcan,” is a 22-year-old Canadian League Of Legends player who has been playing under Cloud9 jersey for over one and a half years. Previously, he was playing for Clutch Gaming.

Vulcan spoke in a recent interview with Inven Global to talk about their performances in the current split as well as MSI 2021 and also shared his opinion about Dignitas’ current roster.

As you might recall, Dignitas shocked the community by benching and parting ways with their two of the best performers, Max “Soligo” Soong and Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett. As replacements, they promoted David “Yusui” Bloomquist and Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham.

In the conversation, Vulcan pointed out that Soligo and Dardoch were better than Akaadian and Yusui in terms of gameplay unless the new duo figures out how to unlock a new level of teamwork.

While Vulcan was saying that Dignitas’ current roster is less scary now, he also mentioned once again that Akaadian and Yusui need to be on the same page and communicate so well to perform better.

Interviewer asked:

“Do you think DIG can retain the same level of play with Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham starting in the jungle after the organization parted ways with Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett?”

Vulcan replied:

“I think that Dardoch and Soligo were probably both better than Akaadian and Yusui, so unless there’s a possibility for them to unlock a new level of teamwork because it’s so much easier to work with the new players. I mean, I guess I’m referring to Dardoch. I guess that’s the topic of the day…or the month, rather.

Unless this allows them to be on the same page more or communicate better or something, I feel like the other roster was better. I feel like they’re less scary now. I guess that’s not really controversial to say, but they don’t feel as scary anymore.”

Further in the conversation, Vulcan also shared his thoughts about Licorice’s addition to Golden Guardians and explained why it should have felt better for Licorice to join Golden Guardians rather than FlyQuest.

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