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Cloud9’s Zven Explains Why The Teams Pick Varus So Often



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Jesper Svenningsen, known as “Zven,” is a 24-year-old Danish League Of Legends player who has been playing under Cloud9 jersey for over two and a half years. Previously, he had played for G2 Esports and Team Liquid.

Cloud9 has recently made a ‘question & answer’ session on Reddit, and all the team members as well as the staff joined the event. In the session, Zven was asked why teams pick Varus so often in current meta.

As the answer, Zven put lots of reasons. The first one was how powerful Varus’ poking ability is compared to the other AD carries. Zven mentioned that Varus can poke out the enemies even before the fight starts.

Besides that, Zven also touched upon the fact that Varus can provide crowd control with his ultimate ability, which could be crucial for the team fights. Also, there are only a few counter-picks for Varus, and he could pass the laning phase whatever his duo will be.

Additionally, Varus is a good blind pick in the current meta as Zven said, and he can scale to the late game. However, Zven also admitted that Varus can only be outscaled towards the super late game.

Zven shared his opinion about Varus:

“He’s a strong laner, provides cc for teamfights and he is very good in objective fights / stand offs before fights due to his poke. He only has few lane counters such as Kalista and even then Varus can usually farm and stay even in CS.

I guess the easiest way to put it is that Varus wins stand offs due to poke and engaging into Varus is hard because his ult will usually hit a lot of people in chokes/small spaces around neutrals.

On top of that he is a decent blind pick, good vs most meta champions and scales decently well (his Q can easily do between 500-1000 dmg late game to high armor targets and his ult has like 45second cd late).

I do think he gets outscaled super late game and he kinda sucks vs smurf champs that are highly mobile if the game goes late (Kaisa, Tristana, Camille etc).”

You can check out his answer below.

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