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Coldzera Explains Why He Didn’t Want Join Furia Esports As A Stand-In



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One of the best CS:GO players of all time, Marcelo “Coldzera” David, is a 26-year-old Brazilian player who had played for teams like SK Gaming, Luminosity Gaming, and MIBR. Most recently, he was playing for FaZe Clan.

Coldzera’s FaZe Clan adventure didn’t get well as expected, and the veteran player decided to step down from the roster in June 2021 as his contract was getting close to expiring. Since then, he was considering his options.

Recently, the North American organization announced that they agreed with Coldzera to join the roster as a stand-in since Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke took a break from the game due to a broken wrist.

Following this decision, Coldzera confirmed that he is going to play for Complexity Gaming until the k0nfig returns, and his future is still unclear right now. During this time, he will think wisely and slowly to choose his new path.

After a short period, one of the Twitter users wondered why Coldzera is not standing in for Furia Esports, where they had to play with their coach in ESL Pro League Season 14 as their new player André “drop” Abreu is unable to attend.

Coldzera responded to this follower and revealed that even though Furia is an excellent team, he doesn’t see himself having a good space in the roster. Therefore, he decided to continue with Complexity Gaming where he finds more freedom instead of joining the Brazilian squad.

Coldzera explains why he didn’t join Furia Esports:

I always wanted to play together with Peacemaker. I think he is a very smart coach.

Furia is an excellent team but I don’t see myself having the space I’m looking for. The decision to come to CoL n had to do with ‘bureaucratic’ issues and the game space where I will have the same freedom to play as I had.”

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