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Coldzera Says He Will Get Back Sooner Than Expected



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Marcelo Augusto David, known as “Coldzera,” is a 26-year-old Brazilian CS:GO player who is currently looking for a new team to represent. Previously, he was dominating the scene with SK Gaming and Luminosity Gaming.

After the Brazilian roster decided to join MIBR from SK Gaming, everything went wrong for them. Therefore, Coldzera decided to leave the Brazilian squad after spending years with the same roster in summer 2019.

Coldzera waited for two months to get back to the scene, and he finally joined FaZe Clan. Unfortunately, FaZe had been having rough times as well, and the addition of Coldzera didn’t change much in almost two years.

Therefore, the Brazilian legend announced his departure from the organization in June 2021 as his contract was expiring. Since then, the community had been waiting to hear news from Coldzera.

Recently, Coldzera spoke in a recent interview with Good Game Brasil and talked about his future during the conversation.

While Coldzera was mentioning that he received offers from 7-8 organizations, he also pointed out that he doesn’t want to rush and wants to make the right decision. Then, he revealed that he will get back sooner than expected but he is waiting for the deadline that he set himself.

Coldzera talked about his future in the interview:

“I’ve had seven or eight offers, if I’m not mistaken. I’ve had offers from Brazilian, North American, and European teams. I’m analyzing my offers and seeing where I can fit the best. I don’t want to make a hasty decision.

I really got carried away by my friendship with NiKo on FaZe. I decided very quickly. We didn’t win as many times as we thought we would, but it was a really great experience. I improved as a human being and not just as a player. I have set myself a deadline. It will be soon. Before long, I’ll be back.

Later in the conversation, Coldzera showed his respect for the Astralis player dev1ce by touching upon his high-level performance throughout years and said that he is greatest of all time in terms of consistency.

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