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Complexity Gaming Announces Shocking CS:GO Roster Changes



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Benjamin Vang Bremer, known as “blameF,” is a 24-year-old Danish CS:GO Player who had been playing for Complexity Gaming since September 2019. Before that, he was playing for Heroic.

Complexity Gaming rebranded back in 2019 and created ‘The Juggernaut’ roster to fight for the trophies. One of the most important players on the roster was blameF, who was the in-game leader of the team.

Besides being the leader and guider for the roster, blameF also was one of the best performers among the team as an individual. However, the roster couldn’t live up to the expectations for the last twelve months and underperformed after the online era.

After roster changes one by another, Complexity Gaming decided to remove blameF from the roster, who was also picked as the 6th best player in the Counter-Strike scene, once they are trying to rebuild the team.

A true leader, in and out of the server. Thank you blameF for all your hard work,” Complexity Gaming bid farewell to their long-time player via Twitter. “We wish you the very best in the future, wherever you go.”

Furthermore, blameF also announced that he is a free agent right now and thanked everybody for his great journey at the organşizaiton. Also, the Danish player mentioned that he is not regretting any of the decisions he made for joining Complexity.

blameF announced his free agency via his official Twitter account:

Officially a free agent as I’m no longer part of Complexity Gaming. Big thank you to everyone in the organization and to Jason Lake for everything you have done for me. You guys have been so great to me and I am happy I took the decision to leave Denmark 2 years ago.”

Complexity Gaming’s roster is now:

Justin “jks” Savage
Patrick “es3tag” Hansen
Marcelo “coldzera” David (stand-in)

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