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Complexity Gaming Announces Their New Stand-In After Poizon Got Hospitalized



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Valentin Vasilev, known as “ottoNd,” is a 23-year-old Finnish CS:GO player who has been playing for c0ntact Gaming since January 2020. Before that, he was playing for CR4ZY, Valiance, and HAVU.

About a week ago, CEO of Complexity Gaming, Jason Lake, announced that their star AWP player poizon had to be urgent operation and can’t be playing in the next tournaments, and they will be looking for new players to stand-in for his position.

Yesterday, Complexity Gaming made a new announcement on their official Twitter account and revealed the new player who will be standing in for poizon, Finnish player ottoNd.

While Complexity Gaming was welcoming ottoNd warmly for the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge, Ottond stated that he is looking forward to playing official matches today and showed his excitement about playing for the North American organization.

Here is the official announcement from Complexity Gaming:

“ottoNd will be standing in for poizon during IEM Global Challenge tomorrow.”

ottoNd said:

“Excited to play tomorrow!”

You can check out the tweets below.

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