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Complexity Gaming CS:GO Manager Warden: “We Need These Kind Of Players”



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34-year-old American former CS:GO coach Matt Dickens, known as “Warden,” had worked for teams like Complexity Gaming, Team Liquid and many more. Since January 2018, he is the man who is in charge of the CS:GO team.

On his official Twitter account, Warden said that everybody wants to be a star for the teams but the scene actually needs a player who wants to die for his team.

Here is what Warden wrote:

“Too many people in modern cs want to be the star. A team needs players willing to die for the team, willing to take space at the correct time and play selfless. I would love to see more players who strive to be this kind of player. Invaluable and the unsung heroes. @Complexity”

Cloud9 player motm replied:

“👌 keep up the good work”

Another player millz replied:

“Problem comes with nobody respecting those roles. It’s likely those players will never get picked up by high level teams because nobody looks for those qualities, only stats. So you end up only having Star players on rosters which fails as soon as their aim can’t bail them out.”

Warden said:

“The community may shit on you but all I ever needed was my teams approval. Most of the community are looking for 1deags when most of us know that is not how you win a CSGO match consistently.”

You can read his tweet below.

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