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Complexity Gaming CS:GO Player blameF About oBo’s Departure: “We Were Definitely Hurt A Lot”



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Benjamin Vang Bremer, known as “blameF,” is a 23-year-old Danish CS:GO player who has been playing under Complexity Gaming jersey for over one year.

After being picked as the sixth-best player in the world in 2020, blameF spoke in a recent interview with to talk about his career highlights, how things worked out as a team last year, and more.

As you might remember, 17-year-old prodigy Owen “oBo” Schlatter decided to left Complexity Gaming after staying in Europe so long and said that he felt like the team doesn’t want to leave Europe, and he wanted to return home after being away from NA for a long time.

In the conversation, blameF talked about the departure of oBo and admitted that this decision hurt them a lot and explained the reason. According to blameF, they agreed with oBo to play together two more weeks to attend the Pro League and protect their RMR points for major.

However, oBo sent a message to them the next day and revealed that he was in the airport and leaving the country. Because of that, they couldn’t add a stand-in and played with their coach, which lead them to lose the tournament.

Here is what blameF said:

“We were definitely hurt a lot by oBo leaving us. But more by the way he left us than the fact that he didn’t wanna stay in Europe anymore.

He told us one night he wanted to go home and be with his family, and I remember me and my coach talking about how we respected a guy who was able to say that to his team and be honest about it.

So we agreed to him playing for around two more weeks with us to finish Pro League and to play the closed qualifier for the RMR tournament, DreamHack Open Fall, with us, because that was our last chance to qualify for the Major, and also then we would have time to look for a new fifth.”

He continued:

“Unfortunately, I woke up the next day, on the day of the RMR tournament, to a message from oBo saying that he had gone to the airport and wasn’t gonna help us out with RMR or Pro League.

And we were now in a situation where we were arguably gonna play the most important tournament of the year in two and a half hours and we didn’t know who our fifth was gonna be.

We weren’t allowed to take in any stand-ins and were forced to play with our coach and ended up losing the tournament.”

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