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Complexity Gaming CS:GO Player blameF: “I’m Really Disappointed!”



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Benjamin Bremer, known as “blameF,” is a 22-year-old CS:GO player who has been leading Complexity Gaming for over five months. Before that, he was playing for Heroic Gaming.

Two days ago, after they got eliminated at the semi finals of DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020, blameF has stated that he is really disappointed with these results.

Here is what blameF said:

“Super disappointed with our performance, lost on a lot of basic mistakes and we got tons to work on before we can be proud, gg gl in final @furiagg”

A fan named Andrew replied:

“@blameFFFFF You boys got this. Your win over Astralis made me believe. You have the heart. I can see it. You boys want it bad enough. Fucking get it. Love from Canada”

Another fan named Tim wrote:

“Keep going my man, you guys are still very promising. Chin up !”

You can check his tweet below.

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