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Complexity Gaming CS:GO Player k0nfig: “Stay At Home!”



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22-year-old Danish CS:GO player Kristian Wienecke, known as “k0nfig,” has been playing for Complexity Gaming since November 2019. Before that, he had played for teams like Optic Gaming, North and many more.

Yesterday, on his official Twitter account, k0nfigh stated that people should stay at home and respect rules due to the coronavirus concern that the world is facing right now. Also, he mentioned that his grandmother has a lung issue and this disease would affect her badly.

Here is what k0nfig wrote:

“Stay home. It’s very simple. Respect the rules. This is or will be serious. Think about other people. Old or young. It’s not that hard. I have a grandmom with severe asthma and she has really bad lungs. Respect the rules set. Everybody knows someone that has breathing problems.”

A fan user named Tragedy replied

“Tell business owners this, they gotta make that 400 dollars to keep that cell phone store open or that art gallery. Ah. Freedom is killing people.”

Another fan named Karla replied:

“Our country doesn’t provide us as to stay home, we still need to pay bills and all the other. My girlfriend still work in a bar like nothing happens. The big number of owners here keep bars and stores open. Its a bit shame…”

You can check the tweet below.

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