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Complexity Gaming CS:GO Player RUSH Compares The Team With Cloud9



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One of the most underrated players in CS:GO scene, Will “RUSH” Wierzba has been representing Complexity Gaming for over three months. Before that, he was playing for Cloud9 and Optic Gaming.

A few days ago, during the conversation with, RUSH compared the Cloud9 and Complexity, stated that the current team has much more stability.

Here is what RUSH said:

“There’s a lot more stability in this team than in Cloud9, we went through so many roster changes in Cloud9 that it was hard to mesh. I’m more of a support player these days than an entry, although I’ll entry sometimes if I have to, but I think generally speaking when you’re a support player and the team isn’t functioning you really don’t get a chance to do that. Playing on a team with set roles, and we’re working really hard with blameF, I’m able to thrive at what I do. I’m actually able to support the system.”

RUSH about the team’s status:

“We’re trying to learn and understand the game more deeply because we have a new player who needs this experience and that’s why we’re getting better game by game. We’re constantly working on our game and that’s why we were more prepared this time around.”

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