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CORPSE Releases A New Single ‘Hot Demon B1tches Near U’



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Corpse Husband, also known as “CORPSE,” is a 24-year-old American YouTuber who is known for his faceless work with a low-pitched voice during the streams.

CORPSE started to make a name for himself with the Among Us streams along with such playmakers Disguised Toast, Sykunno, Valkyrae, and more. He even played with US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Later on, Corpse started to release new music via Spotify and YouTube, and his first single was ‘Miss You!’ Then, he dropped ‘Cat Girls Are Ruining My Life!’ ‘Cabin Fever,’ ‘Never Satisfied,’ ‘”White Tee,’ ‘E-Girls Are Ruining My Life!’ featuring Savage Ga$p,’ and lastly ‘Agoraphobic’ in 2020.

As we stepped in 2021, Corpse collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly for the ‘DayWalker’ song, and the community was expecting to see a brand new song from Corpse as he teased it on social media.

Yesterday, Corpse finally announced that he released a brand new single featuring Night Lovell, named ‘Hot Demon B1tches Near U,’ and revealed that all of his music on Spotify besides DayWalker are DMCA free and can be used during the livestreams.

Corpse announced:

Corpse w/ Night Lovell – Hot Demon B1tches Near U.

All my music on Spotify besides DayWalker! Are DMCA free, feel free to use it in your streams/videos, I do not claim.”

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