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Counter Logic Gaming Apex Legends Player Nokokopuffs Shares His Opinion About The Sounds In-Game



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American Apex Legends player and content creator Christian Feliciano, known as “Nokokopuffs,” has been representing Counter Logic Gaming for over ten months. In his career, he earned over $10.000 from the tournaments.

On his official Twitter account, he shared his opinion about the sound in-game and stated that this feature is destroying the game.

Here is what he said:

“The audio in apex legends needs such a drastic fix its not even a joke. It is single handedly destroying apex legends. EVERYTHING else about apex is amazing, i can handle the regular bugs, the imbalanced weapon fixes w/e. But the audio that NEEEEEEEDS FIXING!!!”

A fan named Leo Harris replied:

“Nothing worse like running into an entire family in front of you without hearing any footsteps. I had enemies running side by side by me before like we’re best friends. Didn’t even know they were hugging distance from me.”

Another fan user named Barf replied:

“Silent enemy players rolling up on you from behind, silent devo, silent ults, and other audio flaws make it so hard sometimes to enjoy the game. Can deal dying on someone out playing me, but not to game bugs.”

You can read his tweet below.

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