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Counter Logic Gaming Player ImMadness: “I Wish Apex Legends Scene Be Bigger Like CS:GO”



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American Apex Legends player Ryan Schlieve, known as “ImMadness,” has been representing Counter Logic Gaming for over seven months. In his career, he earned around $15.000 from the tournaments that he attended.

Yesterday, on his official Twitter account, ImMadness said that he is so excited to see Apex Legends scene grow like CS:GO. However, he admitted that there is a long way to make this happen and they needed to work hard for this.

Here is what ImMadness said:

“I dream that one-day Apex Legend’s comp scene is as prominent & insane as CS:GO, the game has a LONG way to go, but just imagining Apex being as big as CS comp just makes me endlessly excited yet impatient.”

Team SoloMid player ImperialHal replied:

“You have very high hopes my friend.”

A fan named Achilles added this comment:

“Maybe if they put all the funds they piss away on paying big streamers to pretend to be interested in apex they could’ve had a massive scene already.”

You can check the tweet below.

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