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Counter Logic Gaming Player NiceWigg Thinks Apex Legends Is Dying



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Jack Martin, known as “NiceWigg” is an American Apex Legends player who has been representing Counter Logic Gaming for over six months. On 19 November, he smashed the Apex Legends and said that the game is in the worst state right now.

NiceWigg said:

“Apex is at its worst state right now and its making it borderline unplayable for me. Crashes, bugs, horrible gun meta, Im trying to stay positive but this stuff its ruining any experience I am having when I am on. Please fix your game, it has infinite potential.”

He added:

“I really am not a complainer man and always look to see the brighter side of things. But for now I will continue to play and support it. However, i am hoping the changes do happen soon. Peace, love, aim assist”

NiceWigg lastly said:

“This tweet blew up and I wanna make it clear that I am going to continue to support Apex and play it every day. I’m staying positive and I believe we still have a super bright game ahead of us. But I will always keep it real. Keep pushing, this rough patch I know they will fix”

You can check his tweets below.

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