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CR4ZY Announces New Signings For The CS:GO Roster



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Georgi Grigorov, known as “SHiPZ” is a 19-year-old Bulgarian CS:GO player who was playing for Windigo Gaming for two years. On 4 October, CR4ZY announced that they added SHiPZ to their roster. Also, their coach Luka “emi” Vuković will be playing in the active roster from now and they signed Neil “NeiL_M” Murphy as a coach.

NeiL_M said:

“I’m delighted to finally announce that i’m onboard in @gocr4zy as new head coach! It’s time to work hard with @emiicsgo to make this a success story! I’ve got full belief in this talented group and finally reunited with my good mate @EspiranToCSGO let’s get to work!”

You can read the tweets below.

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